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about a woman… Natalia – sensual, boudoir session



Today short photo story about incredible, sensual woman. A bit romantic and a bit crazy…

It’s not my first photo session of her. I had honor to photograph her as a bride, a mother to be, and a mother holding her kids in arms :)

Today Natalia – not as a wife and mother – today Natalia as an amazing woman…

mostly captured on film – by Mamiya 645af, few shots by Canon 5d2

makeup: Aga Bora

hair: Pierre / Mio Studio

 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_002 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_003 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_004 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_005 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_006 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_007 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_010kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_023 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_011 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_013 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_014akobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_018 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_016a kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_020 kobieca_sesja_buduarowa_monika_stachura_021


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