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Sandra & Łukasz wedding film photography




Finally I can share it with you. My first wedding session almost entirely shot on film. I used two fully manual film cameras – my old Nikon FM and medium format Mamiya RZ. There was some stress of course, as I was not used to no seeing what I have :) This was extraordinary experience. There are 3 digital frames though (I had to take them just in case, I guess)

The session was featured on Belle Lumiere

fotograf_slub_analog_film_003 fotograf_slub_analog_film_001 fotograf_slub_analog_film_020 fotograf_slub_analog_film_005 fotograf_slub_analog_film_006 fotograf_slub_analog_film_009 fotograf_slub_analog_film_014 fotograf_slub_analog_film_012 fotograf_slub_analog_film_016 fotograf_slub_analog_film_015 fotograf_slub_analog_film_018 fotograf_slub_analog_film_019fotograf_slub_analog_film_017 fotograf_slub_analog_film_002 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_024 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_025 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_026 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_027 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_028 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_031 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_032 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_033 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_035 wedding_photography_poland_analog_film_036


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